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QuickBooks Server Setup

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

QuickBooks Server Setup - Install, Update And Setup

The QuickBooks is a multi-tasking software which is having vital features and characteristics in the field of accounting. It proclaims to configure the QuickBooks database server for multiple users to work for some time. You can organise the application for any user by the usage of QuickBooks Database manager, and along with it you can also generate optimum by utilising QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager is used for managing, installing and updating the data. It is responsible for creating network data files and also stores the record of the company on the host computer. A host computer is the main computer where server gets hosted. If you wish to utilise the multiple version of the QuickBooks desktop then numerous version of Database Server Manager need to be installed as it is compulsory.

Configuring the Database Server Manager is not that much necessary on user workstations. After installing QuickBooks on the server, you need to set the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to ensure users can access the company files stored on the server.

The Database Server Manager also allows you to check the status of the QuickBooks Database Server service, see which users are currently accessing the company file and check for recent Database Server Manager software updates.

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